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Whether you have an old Big Screen TV or a newer, LED type TV, there are some common failures that happen across the board.


#1: Does the TV power on at all, and do you see a standby light? If you see a standby LED, usually red in color, but sometimes green or blue,

that means that the TV is plugged in and technically getting power, but whether or not the TV power board is working properly, is

another story..We can diagnose this type of problem for you, and determine if the no-power condition is a major board issue or a

simple fix.


#2: No Picture, but the TV seems to turn on. This can be a simple or a major problem, depending on what has failed in the TV.

Often it is a mis-selected input, and sometimes it is a major main board malfunction.. Again, we can help you with this critical


#3: An image comes on the screen, but is not correct color, or has strange shadowing or lines in the picture.. This is usually more of a

major type of problem, but not necessarily a death sentence to the TV.. Some units, such as plasma TV's can be fixed with this

condition, others, such as LED sets, may be a little more tricky, but its not unheard of to be able to fix these.. It all depends on what a

thorough troubleshooting and diagnonis will uncover.

#4: A DLP or LCD projection screen, such as a Mitsubishi or Samsung DLP TV comes on, but the screen is dark.. This is usually a pretty

quick fix, which is inexpensive for the customer, but should be performed by a qualified technician to ensure that the correct

parts are installedand all the necessary servic eprocedures are followed to prevent repeat failure.

#5: Plasma TV comes on, but the LED just blinks, no picture..  This is very common in especially Panasonic Plasma TV's.

It is very fixable, but the varieties of different board issues are many. We will be ablr to diagnose and repair 95% of these type of TV's,

bothPanasonic and Samsung and LG Plasma TV's are all quite repairable at a minimal cost.

#6: Intermittant power, it comes on slowly or takes a while to turn on, sometimes clicking, and eventually stays on  - very common is

Samsung, LG and many other TV's. This is usually quite fixable, but definitely needs a professional troubleshoot to fully repair

the issue with the PC boards.

#7: No Audio or sound.. This can be a board issue, usually is, but can be the speakers or the setting in the telvision's menu as well.

#8;  Cracked screen on an LCD,LED or PLASMA TV.. NEVER FIXABLE, ALWAYS better to replace the TV.. We hate to bring you bad news,

but, the cost of the screen assemblies is just too expensive, not worth fixing!!



These are just a few of the most basic problems to get you started. Many more possibillities are out there that

we see everyday. Please call us and schedule a service call to find out whats going on with your TV!


We also Recycle select TV's, for parts or repair and re-sell, please call or fill out the contact form for details.